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Since i am a sucker for Tobacco i already knew I’m going to love this fragrance. I looked and the notes and was like: yup that sounds perfect to me. The Tobacco in here is aromatic kind of spicy. The boozy notes combined with honey and vanilla make this fragrance the perfect cold weather signature. Sweet enough for people that are used to sweet fragrances but right on the edge for people that aren’t into sweet fragrances. This is your best release imo.
Zero complaints on performance or in general. Stays on clothes for days!



Really love it it’s like a sexy signature scent fresh for all ocasión but with something sexy hope this can be staple in the collection because I want to purchase all the others is my first one and love all of the samplers I order but these one I always want to have it in the collection so please please George keep these and make it even more musky...!

Louis R


I don't generally post reviews on websites however Zaharoff offers fragrances that became immediately sentimental. Noir is quite literally an ever-changing fragrance. You can spray it on at 7:30 a.m. and smell something completely different(in all the right ways) 5 - 6 hours later. I would wear Zaharoff fragrances over literally any Niche/Designer/Indie fragrance I own. And of course George is the cherry on top!

Dylan L.