George Zaharoff is a global explorer. He has aligned himself with today’s constantly evolving technology and economy.

‘The Zaharoff brand is steeped in George’s interpretation of worldly aesthetics, showcasing a historically inspired yet thoroughly contemporary point of view. One might find a silk tie designed with a pattern similar to a Byzantine molding chiseled 1,100 years ago, or a textured sports jacket inspired by a sail from a fishing boat in Zanzibar.

‘Essential fragrance oils, like the individuals I meet, have unique personalities and identities.
Each precious oil is a relationship between a nation’s identity and the personality of the crafted fragrance.’

‘Fragrance is the final stroke, connecting the body, mind and the soul.
elements to a personal, living masterpiece.’

Unrivaled in passion, ambition, and industry expertise, George is an Old-World Craftsman with a fresh, modern vision and a sense of tomorrow. Inspired by his global travels, he takes multiple perspectives from various continents, relishing in the communities he finds and the people he meets. He gleans inspiration from world history and architecture – personally selecting raw materials at their origin that both respect and benefit global communities and the environment.