ZAHAROFF is a Fragrance Foundation Member since 2021


At Zaharoff, we believe in a world where environmental, societal, and economic qualities exist in balance to meet the resource needs of future generations. We create and design fragrances reflecting the natural essence- sustainably sourced, socially responsible essential oils, working with local communities across the globe—to craft a unique, timeless, sophisticated fragrance.

Specifically, Zaharoff promotes eco-forestry to prevent exploitation of global rainforests by using only sustainably-sourced Australian Forrest Product Commission (FPC) and International Trade or Endangered Species (CITES) certified ingredients. We recognize that many endangered aromatic fragrance oils, namely Sandalwood and Oud, need to be used cautiously and with respect. We also recognize that 20% of the world's total CO2 emissions come from tree felling and deforestation. (Source: International Panel on Climate Change).

Sustainable Sandalwood Harvesting:

To create Sandalwood oil, the entire Sandalwood tree must be harvested. Since each tree takes years to mature, and because Sandalwood is a popular and expensive oil, illegal and over-harvesting have been problems and as a result, many Sandalwood forests have been devastated. At Zaharoff, we only use sustainably produced Australian Sandalwood oil. The Australian Forrest Product Commission (FPC) highly regulates the industry so that for each Sandalwood tree that is harvested, 12 more must be planted. For more information on the Sandalwood ingredient Click Here


Sandalwood forest


Sustainable Oud (Agar or Aquilaria) Harvesting:

Oud is created from the rare and precious Aquilaria tree. The tree, when attacked by a common fungus, produces an aromatic resin that has long been used in the Middle East as a source of incense and perfume. Now considered endangered, Aquilaria trees are included in the Convention for the International Trade or Endangered Species (CITES). CITES dictates that the Aquilaria trees can now only be harvested from managed plantations. At Zaharoff, we use only 100% pure, sustainable, high quality Oud that is sustainably grown, managed and certified by CITES. For more information on the Oud ingredient Click Here