Zaharoff Pour Homme is a collaboration of world cultures in a bottle— a global expression of life crossing boundaries, inclusive of diversity. 


Zaharoff partnered with acclaimed Master Perfumer Claude Dir, from the Fragrance House MANE—recrafting the original formula, drawing inspiration from remote places, exotic cultures and traditions, and blending current and old-world elements into a compelling, sensual experience.


The bottle—symbolizing a sensual commingling of beauty and strength, is produced in limited quantities, maintaining craftmanship and completing the artistic journey.


Who is The Zaharoff Man?

Traversing vast oceans and continents around the world, Zaharoff is a lifestyle- a lifestyle filled with movement, challenge, and enthusiasm for the game of life.


He’s an international crusader, with a passion for global responsibility—the contemporary international man. He is the Global Citizen.


He draws his inspiration from remote places, exotic cultures and ancient times, blending these elements into a compelling and modern cultural and emotional experience.